Best Cat-About-Town: Killer

If you walk around the Avenue in Hampden often enough, you’re more likely to start seeing past the fancy restaurants and other charming spots and focus instead on the weekend chaos: puddles of puke on the sidewalk on a Friday night or, say, those beehived housewives touting the tourist-friendly “hi hon” at Honfest and all the rest. But one block off 36th Street on Elm is a tiny, furry example of the neighborhood’s charm that no amount of consumerist chaos can keep down: resident cool cat Killer, a slinky but tough orange tabby that’s typically on the beat, saying “what’s up” with a gravely meow or sprawled out in some shade under a parked car. His approachable but been-through-some-shit elan captures the elusive but in abundant charm of Baltimore, if you know where to look.

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