Best Call: 'Trumbo Bumbo'

Nothing about Mark Trumbo’s two-run home run against the New York Yankees on May 3 was all that special. He turned on an inside pitch and launched it deep into the left fields stands, something he’d been doing quite regularly during his red-hot start to the baseball season. What came out of MASN announcer Gary Thorne’s mouth, however, was extraordinary. Marveling at the ball’s flight, he said “Trumbooo,” and then quickly, inexplicably bellowed out “BUMBOOOOOOO.” What is a Bumbo? Nobody really knows for sure. The Sun’s Jonas Shaffer questioned the next day if “this might have in fact been an aborted attempt at dropping a ‘Trumbomb’ during the broadcast.” But it really doesn’t matter, because “Trumbo Bumbo” is a baseball neologism of true beauty, right up there with “Great Bambino,” “Splendid Splinter,” and “Hammerin’ Hank.”

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