Best Burlesque Partners: Betty O’Hellno and Whiskey Joy of TimelessTease Productions

Baltimore is a burlesque town. From Blaze Starr to her modern counterpart Ruby Rockafella, the city maintains a healthy and scene that has lasted for over half-a-century. For the past two years, drag queen Betty O’Hellno, who resembles Marilyn Monroe, and her dance partner Whiskey Joy have been the standout stars. With fellow performers Jules V. Moorhead and Lizzy Falltrades, the pair creates trashy-yet-classy routines that include lip syncing and “trips around the globe” using amazing costumes. Joy and O’Hellno pride themselves on TimelessTease being an inclusive troupe that doesn’t alienate any dancer regardless of body type, gender, or race. They are proudly carrying the torch of Baltimore’s burlesque scene far into the future.

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