Best Brewery: Union Craft Brewing

1700 Union Ave., (410) 467-0290,

For the past couple years, when this category’s come up, there’s always a discussion that starts with “Union, again?”, but even though the rest of Baltimore’s growing craft beer scene is pretty damn awesome, the stamp that Union’s put on Baltimore can’t be denied. Forget about the beers—we all know there’s a loving spot in our hearts for Double Duckpins, Old Pros, and Anthems—but it’s the events and community interaction that really sets the team at Union apart from the rest. There was OyFest, the Union Pinewood Derby, the Hope Floats party to benefit local businesses affected by the recent floods, and the countless tap room happy hours that feature a mix of local food trucks and musicians. Union has made an art out of collaboration, and we’re all the better for it.

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