Best Blast: Pat Healey

When we honored a member of the city’s indoor soccer team last year, the award went to stellar goalkeeper William Vanzela, a co-captain on the Blast. This year, it goes to his fellow captain, defender Pat Healey, who was named Defender of the Year in the Major Arena Soccer League during the Blast’s championship campaign. It was his second consecutive year receiving the honor. Healey is like a quarterback out on the arena turf, directing traffic and setting up the defense to close scoring lanes—it’s kinda like soccer and basketball put together. Just as important: Healey’s a fiery, vocal leader and a relentless worker, the kinda guy you love having on your team but hate playing against. Just before this issue went to press, the team announced Healey would be retiring after eight seasons with the Blast. His presence will certainly be missed, but at least he’s going out on top.

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