Best Beer: 51 Rye, Monument City Brewing Company

1 N. Haven St., (443) 529-8131,

Monument City started making the spectacular 51 Rye in the Peabody Heights Brewery in Abell, but will soon open its own brewery on Haven Street in Kresson. It’s a good gamble for what is stacking up as one of the city’s most, uh, monumental brewing operations. They make other beers, but the 51 Rye is the standout. Now on tap all around the city, it is, in many ways, like Duckpin, Union’s easy-drinking but still-robust IPA. It’s not too hoppy, not too rye-y, not too strong, not too weak. But the flavor is complex and slightly bitter with a kind of creamy texture. We’re sure the super snobs can find something more exquisite and precious, but this beer is a beer drinker’s beer. You can have it on any occasion with anyone almost anywhere. We hope to see it spread its reach even farther.

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