Best Bar: 1919

1919 Fleet St.,

As most of the bars in Canton and Fells Point switch over to yuppie-fied watering holes with kickball teams, 1919, our favorite dive bar on the East side, refuses to change. The patrons are a mix of old-school Baltimoreans and Station North dwellers who venture down to hear Brooks Long jam out with Caleb Stine once in awhile. The dark interior is lit with dots of Christmas lights and the walls are decorated with old flyers from bands gone by. The performance space is small and intimate, just like bar stages should be. Outside of the traditional Boh, which is the house favorite, the bar stocks about 30 different types of beers. And as it’s something an alt-country bar, there’s no house cocktails, per se, but a whole lot of whiskey to be consumed. 1919 is not a craft anything bar.

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