Best Baltimorean: Shorty Davis

Duane “Shorty” Davis contains multitudes—OK, maybe that’s a bit too high falutin’ for a guy possibly best known for leaving toilets in front of government buildings, all part of his “potty training politicians” initiative/performance art. Let’s just say, he’s got his hands in a whole lot of shit. He is not only an activist but a key mentor to younger activists, a dedicated advocate for the homeless (you can catch him near 83 feeding the homeless on many weekends and feeding around a thousand or so each summer at The People’s BBQ For The Homeless), a chef, a brilliant speaker on issues tied to racism, a visual artist (he covers the toilets he leaves around town with ornate political collages), and a media critic who is often trolling out-of-town reporters and clueless local journos, interrupting their broadcasts, and even quizzing white journalists on African-American history.  Shorty’s a warm-hearted, firm-but-fair critic and a seminal local activist—and he’s funny as hell, too.

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