Best Baltimore Appropriation: Natty Boh

A not insignificant number of Orioles fans felt victimized when it was reported that National Bohemian beer would no longer be sold at Oriole Park at Camden Yards. It’s tradition, they squawked. Bohs and O’s, they uttered, robotically spitting out the meme-ified version of life in Baltimore. We’ve said this plenty of times before, but let us say it one more time: Natty Boh is not brewed in Baltimore and hasn’t been for decades. The Pabst Brewing people really upped the ante when they took out a full-page ad in The Sun in June. “Thrown Out At Home,” was atop the ad, along with a message from Mr. Boh about “big beer” forcing them out, all the while ignoring that Boh is made by a major brewer and no longer local. This desperate marketing attempt—and all the ads Boh places in Baltimore, basically—shows what Pabst’s true motivations are: milking every last cent out of nostalgia.

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