Best App: Baltimore 311

Download for Android or iPhone, or on the web at

Pokémon Go might be the latest app to get people off their couches and out for a walk, but we like to go old school, busting out the Baltimore 311 app as we make our way around the city reporting potholes, cars parked in bike lanes, unsightly yards, trash-filled alleyways, and the beginnings of broken water mains in the wet bulges of city streets and sidewalks. Pull up the app, enable the GPS, and the thing walks users through reporting and requesting the city services we all pay for. We use it sparingly when it might result in a fine for one of our neighbors—let’s talk to each other instead of getting the cops involved—but for shared issues, this app is awesome, and the tracking feature lets us see when the problem is handled—and surprisingly often, it is.

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