Best Activist: Makayla Gilliam-Price

As a key organizer in last fall’s City Hall sit-in and this past summer’s #AFROMATION protest, Makayla Gilliam-Price—who just graduated from high school, by the way—was a frontliner in the two of the most expansive and effective protests in Baltimore since the uprising. And then there was her school spirit week—riffing “Formation Week” at City College, which challenged the respectability politics-tinged high school dress code with days such as Mindwrap Monday and Traditional Tuesday, encouraging students to wear traditional African clothing and other items celebrating their blackness. And don’t forget the time she schooled second-to-the-top FOP creep Victor Gearhart after he sent abusive tweets her way by penning a whipsmart op-ed on her site, Assata’s Syllabus, titled “Baltimore Fraternal Order of Police Lieutenant Gearhart Tweets Prove Embedded Racism in Police Department” (Gearhart was eventually suspended for the tweets).

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