Best Words Fail: Horse Lords

At long last, this local quartet found a way to capture and spotlight the ass-moving calamity of its live shows on recording. With “Interventions,” Horse Lords’ third album and first for New York’s Northern Spy Records, the band’s ability to hotwire West African guitar ecstasy with the hallucinogenic power of repetitive American minimalism reveals itself to be the euphoric dance it’s always been onstage—tracks like ‘Truthers’ and ‘Toward the Omega Point’ showcase a band capable of cycling through a set of overlapping rhythms until they unlock the nerve channel running from the freed mind to the shaking ass. Throw in the ways in which the ensemble has worked in its more ambient moments—Andrew Bernstein’s extended saxophone techniques, Max Eilbacher’s electronics washes, Owen Gardner’s hypnotic guitar harmonics—and this instrumental group has carved a singular musical universe where it says everything it needs without the limiting language of lyrics.

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