Best Summer Jam: Lor Scoota, ‘Panda (G-Mix)’

While New York-based Future sound-alike Desiigner’s original ‘Panda’ track afforded him national acclaim and a number one hit, it was Lor Scoota’s ‘Panda (G-Mix)’ that steadily started replacing the original here in Baltimore—on 92Q, even. And after Scoota’s murder in June, the song played over and over again at events in memoriam for Scoota, especially a post-viewing 92Q party, hosted by Lil Black, bypassing even Scoota’s ‘Bird Flu’ in terms of how it got a mourning crowd going. And although one bar from the song—“If you don’t like me nigga, then spray me”—felt ominous after his shooting, the line was shouted in celebration like the rest of the song. Scoota’s remix poured out of Acura TLs and Honda Coupes all over the city all summer, the circumstances of the song eerily similar to Notorious B.I.G.’s ‘Going Back To Cali,’ a joyous acknowledgement of a rap hero’s tragic death.

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