Best Punk: Imaginary Hockey League

For many, identifying as LGBTQ in 2016 meant digging deep into your own personal relationship to trauma. Finding resilience and strength in community feels more important than ever, and the members of Imaginary Hockey League, an ambitious trans punk four-piece, get it. Their earnest pop-punk and metal-infused anthems of getting through the day when you just want to stay in bed and watch cartoons give hope in a way that’s angry, goofy, and indispensable. From ‘Blood//Moon//Sacrifice,’ off their album, “We’ll Get Better One Day. I Promise”: “My body is cool, I don’t play by the rules, which don’t exist so you stay pissed, you just look like a tool/ Gender isn’t real so do whatever you feel/ We are beautiful, so powerful, valid and real.” The world can be an awful place, but these kids show it can be alright.

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