Best Poetry Series: Tender FM at The Crown

We look forward to the last Sunday of every month because that means we’ll head down to The Crown and hear some folks read their writing (or perform it, as it were), watching them get real vulnerable (or calculatedly not, and that’s cool, too) on stage, and we also get swept up in it a little bit, leaning against the bar, listening, letting one or two tears drop into our beer, on occasion. Since January, co-hosts Anna K. Crooks and Janea Kelly have curated each month’s Tender FM broadcast with a new theme and guests, including writers (local and not), such as Justin Sanders, Lauren Brick, Grace Davis, Sarah Jean Alexander, Larissa Pham, Lane Harlan, Tim Paggi, Maya Martinez, and Fire Angelou, among many others (full disclosure: CP’s Rebekah Kirkman read at August’s event). In a world that leans toward unfeeling or stoicism or guarded strength, it’s cool to feel your heart swell a little bit with a room full of other people.

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