Best Photo Book: “Features” by Micah E. Wood

With his beautifully designed book “Features,” musician and photographer Micah E. Wood captures Baltimore’s music scene right as it continues to graudate artists toward the national stage—a creative moment that should be documented for future generations. Wood’s portraits of artists such as  Dan Deacon, TT The Artist, and Outer Spaces transcend the cliché’ “band photo” to focus on colors and locations that bind the subjects to the photograph. The book was crowdfunded and, with the square binding and thick glossy pages, it rivals anything put out by a major book publisher. And yet retains its DIY spirit, too. Hopefully, when we’re looking back on the Baltimore music scene decades from now, we look to Wood’s book like we look at the work of iconic photographer Godlis when studying New York’s punk scene in the ‘70s.

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