Best Nonfiction Book: “Knocking the Hustle: Against the Neoliberal Turn in Black Politics” by Lester Spence

The effects of neoliberalism are ever present: the fetishization of the free market, rewarding people for maximizing their “human capital” and, in turn, encouraging self-exploitation. Its consequences are insidious; they have crept up on society so slyly that we don’t even know they’re there—in our headphones, in our churches, in our schools. Lester Spence’s “Knocking the Hustle” provides a sort of roadmap for neoliberalism, using specific examples to lay out how the policies and ideas associated with neoliberalism have permeated American society, systematically disadvantaging black Americans and attributing racial gaps in education, income, etc., to a lack of trying. “Knocking the Hustle” lays bare the ramifications of neoliberalism like never before, and that’s why it quickly earned a spot on the bookshelves of political scientists and casual readers alike.

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