Best New Band: Bidet

The trio of Lyla Shlon, Merm, and Ben Martin make, in their own words, “RAW ASS CLEANING PUNK READY TO CLEAN UP YOUR BULLSHIT.” It’s an accurate description of the band’s speedy, messy punk for sure and it’s kind of the name of their recent EP (“Raw Ass Cleaning Punk,” released in July), a calloused follow-up to late last year’s demo—“The Bidemo,” of course. “Raw Ass Cleaning Punk” houses brisk heavy songs such as ‘Hatecrime,’ a holler against intolerance (“Caught up in false piety, you’ve left the innocent to be slain/ Selfishly preserving your legacy, AMERICA WAS NEVER GREAT”) and ‘MRA’ (self-explanatory from the title, right?) and it’s all delivered in a ruthlessly efficient style through which songs show up, make their mark, and then roll out in less than a minute. Cathartic, evacuative punk.

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