Best Music Video: Dooley, Lor Roger, and T-Low, “Cit4DT”

The clip for ‘CIT4DT’ (“Chopper In The Trunk For Donald Trump”) is both the perfection and a parody of a certain kind of Baltimore rap video, where one or several rappers stand in a larger group that sings the chorus, makes hand gestures, or makes threats on some distinctly Baltimore street. Think of Lor Scoota’s ‘Bird Flu’ (the one with Shy Glizzy) or almost any of Young Moose’s videos. But these three high school students aren’t threatening other rappers or street rivals—they’re injecting themselves into the national political debate with their “Fuck Donald Trump” refrain (also: it turns out they’re from the county). But it is so brilliant because they treat Trump like some neighborhood asshole. Chopper, by the way is another word for an automatic weapon. Now, even more so than when it was released in March, these three teens have provided one of the best responses to this absurd and twisted candidacy: “Fuck Donald Trump.”

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