Best Free Jazz: Jamal Moore

More so than anybody else in the experimental music scene over the past year, saxophonist, woodwind player, and electronic noisemaker Jamal Moore has reified the thrill of free jazz, releasing Organix Trio’s illuminating “Ancestral Communion” and frequently performing studied-yet-roughshod jazz around town. In particular, his contributions as part of a group of five at High Zero 2015—playing woodwinds and electronics and adding a more steady and honeyed screech and whir to the proceedings—were a highlight. Not long after, he performed in his Ancestral Duo incarnation with Luke Stewart at The Crown, using a whole bunch of reeds to run cryptic howls through the Blue Room and then jumping on the sax to toss out some throwback noirish post-bop. And then there was his staggering performance at the Walters as part of the Art/Sound/Now performance series in the Egyptian galleries this summer—an ancestral communion right there in front of us.

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