Best Director: Alice Stanley

To celebrate the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death, Alice Stanley, a founding director of Cohesion Theatre, came up with a trio of (extra) gender-bending interpretations of works by the Bard, co-directing an action-packed “Complete Deaths of William Shakespeare” and playing Feste in the Cohesion’s “Twelfth Night” workshop. But it was Stanley’s direction of a ’90s grunge-inspired “Hamlet” that made the local theater multitasker our pick for Best Director. Stanley made their mark on this favorite of high school English teachers with deftly expressed tragic undercurrents briskly flowing through a Nirvana music video of a production. Stanley also brought out some exceptional performances in the cast—notably Sarah Lamar as a heartbreaking Ophelia, Shannon Ziegler as steadfast Horatio, and Melanie Glickman as an impassioned Laertes. We can’t wait to see what Stanley brings to Cohesion’s third season, whether acting, writing, or especially, directing.

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