Best Crew: Llamadon

Founded by Dylan Sullivan-Ubaldo and Andrew McClymont in 2013, Llamadon has garnered a celebrated omnipresence in the Baltimore arts community. As a tight-knit and sprawling family of independent, multi-disciplinary artists ranging from DJs to producers to emcees, Llamadon focuses on assisting and developing artists who wish to remain genuine to their inspiration and not compromise their artistic values. The crew hosts a myriad of interactive showcases around Baltimore (including one tied to Light City at Mondawmin Mall and another at the Boundary Block Party in Upton), like the popular Beet Trip party, an engaging, open-mic rap cypher where local beatmakers can exhibit their own productions, as well as various pizza parties, where the collective lures guests in with the promise of free pizza in exchange for good vibes. Llamadon has not only succeeded in nurturing Baltimore’s DIY creative scene, but has ultimately created a safe space for artists within the entire city of Baltimore.

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