Best Couple: Matmos

Everyone has a hot take on why millennials aren’t buying houses or “growing up,” but given the uprising, the continual gentrification of areas like Station North and Remington, and the planning stages of the Ozymandian undertaking of Port Covington, there’s little reason to see any hope in the future or comfort in another person. Okay there is one reason: longtime couple and collaborators Drew Daniel and M.C. Schmidt, who record as Matmos. On their album, “Ultimate Care II,” the duo constructed a 38-minute composition made of sounds from their home washing machine. And through a related performance at Johns Hopkins University for the sound symposium “Listening In”,  Matmos assure us that a partnered future can be both tender and terrifying, employing the manipulated sights and sounds of domesticity, like the clinking of cleaning dishes in the sink or meditating on the constant hum from a ceiling vent. It feels like growing up: equal parts comforting and sublimely horrifying.

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