Best Band: Post Pink

On their latest release, “I Believe You, OK,” poetic punks Post Pink shove us around and we really like it, OK. The eight-song/13-minute album, released earlier this year by D.C.’s Sister Polygon Records (a follow-up to last year’s self-released demo, “Too Pooped to Pip”) contains a couple re-recorded, sorta cleaned-up tracks from that first release—‘(S)hit,’ ‘Maid in Mexico’—and a few new ones where vocalist Angela Swiecicki’s gruff growl and bassist Emily Ferrara’s more melodic tone create some brief seconds of balance before quickly shifting again. It’s kind of incredible what the band can do on a song in under two minutes, like this play that happens in ‘FHE’ where Ferrara demurely sings these Virginia Woolf-ish lines: “when you/ speak/ it’s always/ flowers to me” and so on, before a quicker faster guitar riff comes in and Swiecicki jumps in: “THE WAY/ YOU WEAR/ YOUR HAIR/ I KEEP MY HANDS BY MY SIDE/ I WORK/ MY FINGERS TO/ THE BONE.” Every song on this album is literary and angular (also, hey, Pitchfork reports that the single ‘Icky Arnold’ riffs off of that Joyce Carol Oates story “Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?” but told from the perspective of titular creep Arnold) and oh, man, if you haven’t seen Post Pink live yet, you gotta.

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