Best Alternative to Late Night TV: The Psychic Readings Late Night Theater

Some eyeballs need something less lobotomizing than talk shows after prime time. Thankfully Ric Royer’s Late Night Theater series at Psychic Readings came along to provide the best dose of late-night viewing since NBC’s short-lived “Michelob presents Night Music” weekly dose of oddball fuckery. The series, which began at 10 p.m., dedicated itself to original or obscure productions. The plays never lasted longer than 90 minutes and ran for a weekend, two at most. Tickets didn’t crack $10. And under such constraints Psychic Readings staged artist/musician Admiral Grey’s “Not Today, Salomé,” local performer Theresa Columbus’ “A Flood of Emotions,” and the Kuchar brothers-inspired “Hold Me While I’m Craven” (directed by CP contributor Lexie Mountain). And with the Carly Bales-directed, Madison Coan- and Cricket Arrison-starring production of Mac Wellman’s comically surreal “Cleveland,” the series had the most ridiculously absurd stage experience of the entire year.

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