Best Zelig: Robert "Meech" Tucker

For the millennials who may not know (not shaming, just Gen-X-plaining) Zelig was a Woody Allen character who always seemed to accidentally end up in the right place at the right time—think Forrest Gump, but more neurotic. We started to feel that way about Robert “Meech” Tucker. We first heard about the truce between the gangs from him, standing on the barrier in front of the Western District police station. We saw him in the center of the chaos at Camden Yards on April 25. He went viral when he was photographed dancing with a rabbi after Marilyn Mosby announced charges against the officers involved in Freddie Gray’s death. So we weren't surprised that it was Meech when we heard, first from fuck-head Fox News, that someone had been shot by police at Penn North and then from more respectable sources that it was someone who was running from police and threw his gun. He was a felon caught with a gun, so we probably won't see much more of Meech on the streets for a while, but something about him said so much about the city: He has a ton of heart and yet keeps making the same stupid mistakes.

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