Best Yes Men: Larry Hogan's Liquor Board

231 E. Baltimore St., #600, (410) 396-4377,

Lots of people, including outgoing Liquor Board Commissioner Thomas Ward, were worried pro-business Republican Gov. Larry Hogan would appoint a new liquor board that would revert to its old, ineffective ways. Those same critics pointed to the Stadium Lounge in Waverly as an example of their fears coming true. Residents had complained about the loud noise outside the bar and vomiting, but the new board lessened a penalty slapped on the bar by the old bar. However, we’re willing to look big picture: The developers trying to bring back The Baltimore Eagle, an iconic gay leather bar, think the new board improves their chances of getting a license. Earlier, the old board had ruled the bar’s license had expired under a draconian 180-day rule. Now, leather daddies are on the verge of coming back to North Charles Street, and it’s all thanks to Hogan’s liquor board. And really, do we want to be a city that’s not friendly to bars?

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