Best Window Display: The boarded-up windows as seen from the 300 block of North Paca Street

If you’re stuck in traffic or walking north on Paca Street, just before you pass the fire-station-turned-wholesale-store on the 300 block, pause a moment and look to the right and upward. Etched onto the boards covering the windows of a condemned Mulberry Street warehouse is a two-story cartoon: Lace curtains and half-drawn shades are painted on the boards; an old woman appears to be running across the room in attempts to catch a falling object. Far be it from us to say for sure how the crafty artist who crafted the pressboard scene managed it—before the windows were boarded up? Scaffolding? A Bosun’s chair?—we’re just admirers of the subtle comedy, easily missed by eyes too often directed to a phone’s screen.

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