Best White Whine: Our Birds Matter Guys

After the uprising, Orioles fans tried to imbue some significance into the team's first game back at Oriole Park at Camden Yards. As protests and riots brought unrest to the city, the Birds had to move one home game to an away stadium, postpone two games, and play one in front of an empty stadium, a major league first. Getting back to baseball was supposed to help rally the city, you see. Fans brought signs offering love for the city, and one group waved the city flag. In a very classy move, the team acknowledged recent events by wearing home jerseys with “Baltimore” in script letters on the front in place of the traditional “Orioles.” But a great deal of that civic pride and good will was ruined by a group of yutzes who stood up during every break to hold up signs that said “Our Birds Matter” and “No Baseball, No Peace,” a play on the crucial protest chants “Black Lives Matter” and “No Justice, No Peace,” respectively. At best, these assholes were making light of a very real problem; at worst, they were complaining that their lives as baseball fans were inconvenienced by people seeking justice. Talk about an epic case of missing the fucking point.

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