Best Way To Wean Yourself Off Chipotle: Visit the Hampden Chipotle

1040 W. 41st St., (443) 681-1260,

It’s hard to resist the siren song of Chipotle, whether you’re a through-and-through foodie or a greasy schlub who gets pizza delivered once a week. The seasoning of the chicken. The flavorful barbacoa. Those crispy, salty chips. And that guac tho. Next thing you know you’ve visited multiple times in one week, no matter how long the line, and somehow gained 15 pounds. Need help breaking this cycle? Head to the Hampden Chipotle, where a frustrating customer experience awaits that is sure to help you kick the burritos for good. Prefer particular ingredients with your burrito? There’s a good chance they’re out—and if they have it, you may be able to taste just how long they’ve had it out. Oh, and you just know that burrito is going to crumple into a sad-looking heap after only a few bites. It’s a more effective method for quitting than vaping or nicotine gum.

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