Best Visual Virus: Angry Kevin

The anonymous person, or really probably people, responsible for the Angry Kevin graffiti that has covered much of Station North is hated. Even your smart and with-it street-art fan seems to draw the line at Angry Kevin and calls what he does—which is cover nearly everything with scrawly, half-assed images from ’90s cartoons like “Hey Arnold” or just the words ANGRY KEVIN—“vandalism,” which of course it is, insofar as all graffiti that isn’t sanctioned is vandalism. Just because Kevin’s stuff is everywhere and it kind of sucks doesn’t make it more so. Plus we like Kevin’s chutzpah and his desire to get out there and attack the city at a moment when one of its arts districts is being taken over by big-money fuckers. Angry Kevin ruins things and doesn’t really give a shit and that’s why we like him.

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