Best Video: 'Unedited Footage of a Bear'

Wham City is a big reason why mid-2000s Baltimore gained its reputation as a playground for young white artists, but as much as its members/associates seemed to celebrate perpetual adolescences, just underneath that surface are enough disturbed childhoods to fill an asylum. Co-writers/directors Ben O’Brien and Alan Resnick (with co-writers Dina Kelberman, who used to make a weekly comic for CP, and Robby Rackleff) tapped into that unease for this unrelenting satire of pharmacological side effects. Innocuous nature footage of bear segues into an otherwise perfunctory antihistamine TV ad, and then about 90 seconds into the 10-minute short it spirals off the rails. The commercial’s typical suburban mom drives by a crime scene. She decides not to answer the cellphone ringing in her passenger seat. And then she meets her bloody, homicidal Doppelganger. The mayhem that follows is the “Repulsion” of suburban nuclear family anxieties.

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