Best Vegan Crab Cake: Vegan Crab Cake at The Land of Kush

840 N. Eutaw St., (410) 225-5874,

How the hell does The Land of Kush do it? The vegan soul-food joint has somehow managed to replicate the crab cake without meat or dairy and make it taste like the real crustacean thing. We’ve had other vegan crab knockoffs, and none of them come as close to replicating the original taste of crab as The Land of Kush does. Sure, if you’re really paying close attention, you can tell that the texture of the “meat” isn’t quite the same as crab, and that the creamy filling isn’t dairy, but mostly, you’re going to be too busy paying attention to the delicious flavor and the crispy cooked exterior. We only wish we could order it every day of the week—these crab cakes are only served on the weekend, so plan your visit to The Land of Kush accordingly.

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