Best Use Of A Local Unique Ingredient: Snakehead Cakes at Alewife

21 N. Eutaw St., (410) 545-5112,

What do you do when a non-native walking fish with teeth shows up in local waters? Catch it and eat it, naturally. Or at least that was avid fisher and executive chef Chad Wells’ plan when he decided to use the fish on Alewife’s menu. Previously, Wells had featured a snakehead ceviche, with cilantro and citrus, and has participated in beer dinners featuring other snakehead-based dishes. The restaurant’s newest snakehead creation combines the chunks of what some have nicknamed the “frankenfish” with potatoes to create a cake similar in shape and size to a crab cake. It’s then served over a warm corn and bacon salad and an avocado dill puree for a southwestern flair. We are equally impressed by Wells’ creativity as we are his dedication to helping eradicate Maryland’s waterways of the invasive fish.

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