Best Taco: Tacos de lengua at Tijuana Tacos III

3001 E. Baltimore St., (410) 545-0667 and (410) 545-0668,

For a long time we had to tolerate what was passed off as Latin-American cuisine in the city, so witnessing the rise of Honduran, Salvadoran, and Mexican communities in East Baltimore over the past 20 years has been refreshing—specifically for the emergence of traditional fare served simply. Case in point: Tijuana Tacos III’s tacos de lengua. No muss, no fuss, no fancy anything—just a heaping portion of juicy cow tongue plopped between heated corn tortillas, topped with some fresh white onion and cilantro, and served with lime wedges and spicy sides. An order of three only runs $9.75; the feeling of being transported back to your Mexican grandmother’s kitchen, priceless.

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