Best Sushi To Spend Your Whole Paycheck On: Azumi

725 Aliceanna St., (443) 220-0477,

Yes, Azumi may be in the upper echelon of expensive restaurants in Baltimore, but when you consider they’re getting a lot of their fish from one of the best fish markets in the world and you’re getting it prepared with the delicate touch of a master sushi chef, it’s a bit easier to conjure up an excuse for a special occasion. Delivered on the regular directly from Tokyo’s famous Tsukiji Market by way of a transcontinental flight, Azumi’s fish—we’re talkin’ melt-in-your-mouth slices of bluefin tuna belly, delicate blankets of yellowtail Hamachi, and shiny slivers of Spanish mackerel, to name a few—is by far the best we’ve had in the city and, we’d wager, could easily go toe-to-toe with anyone else on the East Coast. And that’s something that’s worth the occasional splurge.

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