Best Subversive Heirs to the Legacy of 'The Wire': Wickerham & Lomax

You know when people from other cities ask “I’ve never been to Baltimore! Is it just like ‘The Wire’?” and you say “Well, parts of it are. But it’s also like a John Waters movie. And a little like ‘Blade Runner’ too”? Now, you can save your breath and direct out-of-towners to “BOY’DegaEdited4Syndication,” a labyrinthine web-based artwork from Malcolm Lomax and Daniel Wickerham (recipients of this year’s Sondheim Prize) conceived as a fan-fiction tribute to an imaginary television show that’s a little like all of the above. The project populates the stereotypical crime-scene drama with a cast of characters designed to reflect the artists’ own experiences of the city—weirdos, queers, and members of obscure subcultures perform against a spectral backdrop of violence and an aestheticized police state. Importantly, BOY’Dega has been repping Bmore on the New Museum’s website, reminding the world that we do more than just murder each other here.

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