Best Steamed Shrimp: L.P. Steamers

1100 E. Fort Ave., (410) 576-9294,

With crab prices creeping into take-out-a-small-mortgage prices lately, we’ve been relying on getting our steamed seafood fix instead from that other popular Bmore specialty: steamed shrimp. Having been horribly surprised by how many places overcook these delicious crustaceans (it’s not rocket science), we were happy to find on repeat visits to L.P. Steamers that not only were they cooked perfectly every time, but the amount you get ($10 for ½ pound, $18 for 1 pound) is definitely on the generous side. Caked in Old Bay and served with a simple side of cocktail sauce (that you don’t even really need), these plump bad boys are juicy, sweet, spicy, and pair perfectly with L.P.’s cheap beer list. Add in the view of the harbor and Domino Sugar sign from their rooftop deck, and you’ve got the perfect sunset dinner.

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