Best Sober Drug Experience: 'Bata Malablab: Suite for Prepared Piano, Flute and Electronics' by M.C. Schmidt

Onstage the suave and debonair M.C. Schmidt always looked liked Matmos’ neighborly presence. Yes, he’s got a undeniable mischievous streak, but it was his partner Drew Daniel who turned death metal into homoerotic disco as the Soft Pink Truth last year. Schmidt’s debut solo outing, “Bata Malablab” on Jason Willet’s Megaphone/Knock ’Em Dead label, showcased just how completely bent the man’s mind is. An utter immersion in otherworldly timbres and scales seemingly screwed and chopped to the logic of an elusive rhythm, “Bata” is equal parts exquisite musique concrète and soundtrack to an obscure, sleep-disturbing Asian horror movie. It’s such a trek through inner space that it’s an absolute tonic for people who no longer have the time for the brain’s browser history purge delivered by a few tabs of LSD.

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