Best Sign of Weed's Acceptance: Baltimore Style's "Women on Weed" Issue

You know that horrible feeling of deep embarrassment you got as a teen when your parents began to enthusiastically embrace something you once loved? That's sort of how we felt when we read “Waiting to Exhale,” Baltimore Style's July/August 2015 cover story on women who smoke weed. Betsy Boyd talks to multiple moms about their smoking habits or thoughts on marijuana, smokes “a pretty conservative single puff” of weed to little positive effect, and tells a woman dealer to “Please be careful” in true mom fashion. (The article also mistakenly says Gov. Hogan vetoed a bill to decriminalize possession of weed, when in reality he vetoed the decriminalization of paraphernalia—a pretty big difference.) If Baltimore Style can talk to Towson housewives about their weed habits, it's a pretty clear sign that weed's hit the mainstream, though unlike when we were a teenager, this isn't going to make us want to immediately pronounce it uncool.

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