Best Sex Shop To Take Your Mom To: Sugar

1001 W. 36th St., (410) 467-2632,

A while back, we had dinner with our mom at Golden West and afterward, mom made some sort of motion indicating that she wanted to check out Sugar. “Is that weird?” she seemed to ask without really asking it. Nah, we decided on the spot, we know our mom likes to jerk off and fuck like the rest of us and we're grown-ass adults, so why not, let's go. We ended up having a grand ol' time, because we weren't all weirded out and because the staff at Sugar are experts at making shit feel totally chill and not weird and answering questions about vibrators and butt plugs and ropes in a way that's helpful and inviting and, of course, totally nonjudgmental. Even if you don't want to literally bring your mom to Sugar, we recommend it because it's the kind of sex shop you could bring your mom to, if you were so inclined.

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