Best Sandwich: "The Original" Cloak and Dagger at Attman's

1019 E. Lombard St., (410) 563-2666,

This year, Attman’s Deli celebrates its 100th year on Lombard Street, where it was once the anchor of “Corned Beef Row,” a stretch of delis catering to what was once a largely Jewish neighborhood. Lenny’s and Weiss are the only other two left, but Attman’s is the standard bearer for local delis, matching up pretty well with the best in the country, such as New York’s Katz’s. The cloak and dagger is a culinary masterpiece, thanks mostly to the succulent hot corned beef or pastrami (the pastrami is saltier, and more flavorful), which, when combined with coleslaw and Russian dressing on soft seeded rye bread, transports diners to the most transcendent, satisfying sandwich event they’re ever likely to have.

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