Best Return: Baltimore Pride

Last year, the city moved Baltimore Pride out of the so-called Gayborhood of Mount Vernon up to Mount Royal, in the footprint of Artscape. It kind of sucked—and not in a good way. Drinkers were cordoned off in a “beer garden,” which was as much of a garden as those glassed-in smoking lounges at some airports are lounges. But this year, Pride came back to Mount Vernon—but moved over a block to Cathedral Street, where things seemed to work even better than they had on Charles Street. The parade massed down near the Walters and what was formerly the Lesbian Lot became the center of the Block Party. The mayor, who CP contributor Michael Farley calls “Baltimore’s least fun drag queen,” was out in big high heels and seemed to be keeping just the right amount of distance from State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby. Let’s hope the GLCCB, which runs the festival, will be able to keep it in the Vern in the future.

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