Best Retail Activism: City of Gods

1118 Hollins St., (410) 685-4637,

Since it began in 2009, clothing store City of Gods has been heavily invested in the arts scene, styling a multitude of singers and rappers and offering fashionable clothing to Baltimore’s citizens. But it has also become a meeting place for the emerging leaders who’ve come out of the Baltimore Uprising such as Kwame Rose and Devin Allen. Terrance Frazier, the shop’s co-owner, told CP photography intern Reginald Thomas II, “the stars were aligned for [Rose and Allen] to fill the void in youth leadership. I think they embodied God-like qualities. They exhibited power and dominion, but also mercy, creativity, and awareness.” There’s a congenial spirit that fills the shop. Everyone who comes in and out seems like they’re friends or about to become friends. At City of Gods, shoppers talk about real shit, funny shit, and ways to overcome the bullshit. It’s this collaborative attitude that makes City of Gods bigger than the dope clothing it sells.

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