Best Restaurant for Vegetarians: Encantada

800 Key Highway, (410) 752-1000,

If you’re a vegetarian and you want to have a nice dinner date out, you’re usually limited to one, maybe two, entree options on the menu. Not so at Encantada, the new vegetable-focused restaurant on the third floor of the American Visionary Arts Museum. Most of the dishes here are vegetarian or vegan, with deviled “eggs” made from turnips, for instance, and a portobello dish featuring long, thin slices of the mushroom accompanied by pine nuts, white miso, and a chimichurri sauce. Even the beverages have a vegetable vibe—the Cheshire Cat cocktail had a cucumber-lemongrass syrup that’ll help you pretend you’re being healthy as you booze. If your date is a carnivore, don’t worry, the select meat dishes on the menu here are just as good. And you can enjoy it all while taking in the whimsically kitsch vibe of the restaurant that’s exactly what you would expect from a restaurant in AVAM.

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