Best Remix: 'Hip Hop Chronicles' by Mike Nyce on WEAA-FM

During the Baltimore Uprising, when we were on the ground, we often knew less about what was going on at large than people sitting at their computers. It’s hard to follow the cable shows and the mayor’s speeches when you’re trying not to get tear-gassed or knocked down by the cops. But each night when we’d come home to gulp down a cold beer and try to chill for a minute, we’d find that on WEAA’s “Hip Hop Chronicles,” Mike Nyce was setting the important speeches of the day to music and letting them go. We remember coming in, scattered, shattered, and exhausted on particularly trying evening to find Carl Stokes schooling the cable talking heads—and by proxy, the mayor—on their use of the word “thugs.” It was important, beautiful, and brilliant.

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