Best Reason to Drink Local: Louthan Distilling

3005 Montebello Terrace, (443) 564-5514,

Hidden in the back of Zeke’s Coffee is quite a small distillery that produces a big drink. Bourbon lover and engineer Len Louthan and his daughter Kelsey produce Louthan Distilling’s Oak-Aged Corn Whiskey. The spirit is aged in clear glass jars stuffed with wood shavings to give it color, as opposed to adding caramel or other ingredients. Louthan uses local corn from Maryland’s Eastern Shore, and the wood chips come from a Baltimore tree removal. The father-daughter team do it all at the a 400-square-foot distillery, from manning Len’s amazing hand-designed still to marketing from a tiny desk next to the “aging room,” a closet-sized space closed off with chicken wire housing the jars. Though Louthan’s output is still micro at this point, it’s available at almost two-dozen stores and almost a dozen restaurants and bars. It’s definitely for sippin’ not mixin’.

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