Best Rapper: Young Moose

With the few rappers that Baltimore has seen make some sort of local or national splash—no matter how minimal—none have been able to realistically claim the “hometown hero” tag like Young Moose, whose main draw is his likeness to the young, inner-city residents who listen to him. Moose unapologetically narrates the ills of Baltimore City—both the ills that he participates in and the ones that he and other young Baltimore residents are victimized by, such as police brutality from local law enforcement. Take a ride through town and it won’t take you long to hear Moose coming out of car speakers, on the radio, or being rapped by teenagers walking around. Even though local police have unofficially banned him from performing in the city, Moose’s reach landed him a record deal with Baton Rouge hero and Baltimore favorite, Boosie Bad Azz.

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