Best Putin Impression: Martin O'Malley

Obviously there are many differences between the ex-governor of Maryland and the president of Russia. They have entirely opposite stances on LGBTQ rights, for one thing. For another, Vladimir Putin rose through the party ranks to become president of his country, while Martin O’Malley’s attempt to do the same has been pretty much a non-starter (see: Best Don Quixote). But one thing they definitely have in common: the media’s love of pictures of them shirtless. The Drudge Report has been running shirtless pictures of O’Malley with nearly all of its coverage of his campaign, while the Washington Examiner asked, “Does going shirtless help win the White House?” and ran side-by-side photos of Putin and O’Malley each parading their pecs in public, as the article put it. Even Esquire weighed in, praising O’Malley’s “rockin’ shoulders and abs.” No word on whether O’Malley swims in Siberian lakes or does judo.

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