Best Promoter: TT The Artist

What constitutes a “promoter” these days has changed. It doesn’t just mean someone who books cool shows; it often means a tastemaker and a curator and, in its own way, an artist in and of themselves— a supporter of the scene and all its parts and multitudes. TT The Artist released two excellent projects, the “Art Royalty” EP and “Gimme Yo Love” with Schwarz; established the monthly Queer-ology party, which screens modern queer cinema classics (so far that has included “Pariah,” “Go Fish,” and “But I’m a Cheerleader,” among others) and then turns into a dance party with DJs and live performers; and was often a surprise guest at shows jumping onto stage to perform a few songs, upping the energy of a show with a quick performance of, say, ‘Pussy Ate.’ And following the violence of April 27 at North and Penn, TT was part of Bmore Than Dance’s Dance For Peace at the Ynot Lot. TT really came into her own this year as both an artist and a facilitator of cool shit.

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